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Pink Hippo iPetPals Stuffed Animal Speaker System

A cuddly snuggle buddy with hidden built-in speakers that can play your favorite tunes! Plug any audio device, music player or phone in to the short audio cord in the secure back pocket. Pocket closes completely. Speakers and cord are secured within the stuffed animal to ensure little hands cannot access.


  • -16″ tall
  • -1 speaker is hidden within each bottom paw (2 total)
  • -hidden 1/8″ universal plug in back pocket connects to the headphone jack built in to your audio device
  • -press play on the device before closing the pocket
  • -iPetPals powered from your music player, NO Batteries or Charging needed for your iPetPals
  • -iPetPals volume is controlled by the device plugged into it – make sure the volume is up on your device
  • -speakers have a max audio output level to ensure safe listening for little ears
  • -hook-and-loop top pocket secures MP3 players, iPod*, iPod Nano*, iPhone*, smartphones, and other audio devices
  • -tablet rests on ipetpals lap working as a stand for watching their favorite shows
  • -audio cord is secured within the animal and does not extend to ensure safety
  • -helps protect your audio device from getting damaged or dirtied by little hands
  • -great for naptime, playtime, and travel

*audio device not included.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 7 in


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